Untangle Work with Workplace: Simplifying communications to Metrobank’s frontline and hybrid workers

Metrobank is one of the largest financial institutions in the Philippines. With branches across the country and operations in three major locations, Metrobank promises to deliver consistently excellent customer service to its 4 million customers round the clock.


When lockdown hit, Metrobank received a large influx of customer queries and feedback. Employees needed to maintain business-as-usual despite the huge shift in working and difficult circumstances. Metrobank was determined to show care for its employees while helping them deliver on their promise of excellent customer service. They already had Workplace in place and used it to help pivot to the new circumstances.

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"Metrobank's leadership team has expressed that they can't imagine our organisation without a tool like Workplace, especially when dealing with a pandemic. In hindsight, we are so happy to have implemented a platform like Workplace four years ago"

Jonas de los Reyes
VP, Head of Digital Marketing


Workplace has become front and center of Metrobank’s employee communication and experience strategy – helping them continue to deliver top-notch uninterrupted customer service despite significant changes in their ways of work.

of frontline staff use Workplace
claimed their Workplace upon launch
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Digitizing processes to make work easier

At Metrobank, all kinds of approvals were traditionally done in-person. This became impossible when lockdown was imposed and travel was restricted. The Marketing Operations team immediately shifted the approval process to Workplace. They created a Group dedicated to approvals, along with an approval or rejection matrix, and added relevant approvers. This provided full visibility for the team to track on-status of approvals.

Empowering frontline employees

Using Workplace Knowledge Library as a central repository for important content, Metrobank made it much easier for tellers to have access to information about specific customer campaigns and processes. This was particularly useful for keeping tellers up-to-date on banking-related scams as they were able to respond quickly to customers by referencing Fraud Materials on Workplace’s Knowledge Library.

Without a need for a corporate email address to create an account, frontliners can easily adopt Workplace. It can also provide a familiar interface for frontline and hybrid teams alike, whether they’re using it on mobile or on desktop.

Improving leadership visibility

Metrobank's leaders would constantly engage with employees by reacting and commenting on their Workplace Posts. Some even participated in various interest Groups. When the annual retail banking national convention was moved online, Metrobank's president and chairman held a Live ask-me-anything session for the first time ever. This helped create purposeful connections within the organisation – a big win for the leadership team.