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Established in Florida in 1995, Valet Living offers residential concierge and property management services in 40 states across the US.

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Ninety percent of Valet Living's workforce is part-time and doesn't regularly use emails. The company needed a more effective way to communicate with employees and share key messages, while staff themselves were often unaware of what was happening in the business outside of their day-to-day role.

Why Workplace?

Workplace offered an easy-to-use and proven platform to connect workers across the country. Employees could get up and running with little training, resulting in a high adoption rate that strengthened engagement, culture and communication.


40-50%increase year over year in internal promotions

20%reduction in attrition

75%Frontline workers have adopted Workplace

How Workplace helped

Connecting everyone

With staff spread across the United States, Valet Living needed a simple way to communicate key messages, share updates and build culture across every level of the organization. Workplace Groups allowed executives to bring the entire workforce together and give every employee the opportunity to share ideas, ask questions and stay up-to-date.

Internal opportunities for everyone

Valet Living established a Workplace Group to advertise employment opportunities within the business. Since the Group was created, the organization has seen a 50% growth in internal promotions, and an increase in workers building their skills to diversify into other sectors.

Alignment and social responsibility

Workplace helped Valet Living executives share the organizations’ strong standpoint on cultural and social issues. Leaders used the platform to create a two-way dialogue on social injustices happening across the country, which allowed everyone to understand the company’s stance - regardless of their employment level.

"Our associates guide everything that we do at Valet Living, and Workplace is an invaluable tool that connects us to our frontline directly. I truly enjoy going on Workplace daily, learning from our associates, and getting to see firsthand the amazing work that they are doing."

Shawn Handrahan

Shawn Handrahan

President and CEO

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