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Fusemachines Inc. is bringing artificial intelligence into business. By educating, training and building a talent pool of AI specialists, Fusemachines provides next generation, AI-driven solutions to organizations, as well as the talent who implement those solutions.

How Workplace Helped

5 x easier for teams to collaborate across time zones

With teams in New York, Kathmandu, Canada and the Dominican Republic liaising every day, intra and inter-departmental communication via email was becoming a serious challenge for Fusemachines. Workplace has made it 5 x easier for distributed teams to collaborate by centralizing communication, project management, asset sharing and gathering feedback.

Workplace Chat & Live Video have improved communication by 70%

By live streaming events to Workplace, all employees can participate in real-time from wherever they are. Workplace Chat has enabled staff to connect one-to-one, and communicate openly on a group level. The Workplace mobile app has very high adoption and is used heavily as a lifeline to the rest of the business.

Improving C-level leadership involvement and culture

For C-level leadership executives, Workplace is the go-to tool to connect with employees, provide hands-on guidance and reinforce top-level company priorities. By bringing people from four culturally diverse offices together, Workplace has also allowed Fusemachines to build a common culture and create strong bonds between people and teams.

“Workplace has become an important extension of our physical office locations. It is a hub for work-related tasks as well as social aspects of the company. Employees share photos and videos of birthday celebrations, as well as company retreats. The leadership team can share the long-term vision and milestones, as well as set quarterly KPIs for the organization.”

Sameer Maskey

Sameer Maskey

CEO and founder of Fusemachines

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